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We are a professional team of EC council certified Tech engineers, hackers, finance, legal and regulatory experts making use of our experience, and expertise to help victims of certain scams in our selected services within our reach.

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Wish i saw this years ago, It’s late now, over 8years ago I lost major of my superannuation to scam brokers. I hate scammers. I really do wish the government could crack down harder on these crimes but in all truth the only true way to prevent them from stealing your money is to identify them before they have a chance to get their hands on it. I have heard you guys are doing a great job.

WOW at first I was scared I didn’t seem to be on the right trail but you guys did make me proud, restored a part of my trust back. 

I also sent some monies to hong kong, but nothing to israel or bulgaria. Your informations were correct, i heard there are some other companies in israel, I got a team of fellow victims and we made legal complaints on our companies emails getting hacked and our funds diverted but this didn’t really help, we just kept waiting till nothing really happened. Calgary sec hacks did a better job apprehending them and keeping our servers secured. 

Here’s an example of how the fraud (stage 1, TopTenCoin) worked. It’s pretty classic. 


Glad you guys could get them and some cash back. I feel better.